The Almena Method
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Why the Almena Method works for beginners and experienced typists too!

  1. Learn the keyboard in 20 minutes and easily remember which fingers type which letters.

  2. Type full sentences in the first lesson using special sentences to promote typing speed and skill

  3. Build speed quickly and develop correct techniques from the start.

  4. Proven method to eliminate errors quickly that work.

  5. No games! Just real progress from the first lesson on! Learn the skill quickly simply and effectively.  Become an expert touch typist!

Touch typing is a skill of being able to type without thinking about which keys to press; words just flow out of your fingers. Not only will you be able to type without watching your fingers you can keep your eyes on your work. Try typing with your eyes closed and you will understand the meaning of touch typing! The Almena Method is more than simple keyboard exercises, it includes techniques for improving accuracy and rapidly building speed. Typing is a skill, like playing a musical instrument or a sport you need to use a proven method to learn correctly and avoid bad habits. The Almena Method is just that Method!

The Almena Method is a proven Award Winning technique that is used in Schools, Colleges, and Universities and now available for personal study. With almost two million satisfied users, it is simply incredible. People of all ages quickly learn how to touch type and in few hours achieve 50 words per minute or more.

Almena sent over 25 years perfecting this amazing method it is complete learning method. The Almena Method has received awards and commendations including the Mayor of Los Angeles for “its simplicity, effectiveness and for providing marketable job skills for the under trained.”

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