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Q. Who do I contact for the Product Key?

A. Email Support.Almenausa.com and provide the name of you product, your name, phone number, and date you entered your order.  Your order will be reviewed and you will receive instructions as needed.

Q. How can I build my typing speed?

A. First Close your eyes and type your first and last name. Next test yourself if you know all of the letters for each finger. Practice each finger with the correct letter at least 10 times. Say the letter out loud as you type. You only need to practice the fingers you are unsure of, type for accuracy.  Don’t watch your fingers while you type. Sight typing and touch typing use different parts of your brains; you need to practice typing without watching your fingers.

Q. How do I correct a word I miss-type?

A. Type the word 10 to 20 times, without looking at your fingers or until you can type correctly. Typing is building a vocabulary of words you can type by touch. Practice Practice Practice

Q. How do I turn off automatic spell check on my word processor?

A. In MS-Word 2007. Click on “OFFICE BUTTION “  at the bottom right  of the window,  click on OPTIONS                then clock on Proofing then  uncheck “check spelling as you type” .

Q. How can do I find the home row keys?

A. The home rows are “ASDFJKL:” place a red mark on the G and H keys so you can see that you are on the home row keys quickly.

Q.  Why is the Almena Method different for the other typing software?

A. With the Almena Method you will learn all of the letters on the  keyboard in 1 lesson and be able to type any word, if you can type any word you can type any sentence and every time you type you can practice all of your fingers… soon you will be tying fast.






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